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I am a photographer seeking to honor the Lord with the gifts and talents He has blessed me with. 

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Anna Bobo

My Story

... written by God

I grew up in central Tennessee and have picked up several hobbies throughout the years. Just a few are competitive soccer, weight training, baking, reading, and of course photography. I have also had the privilege of coaching Ninja Obstacle course training and Aerial Silks at Fortified Warrior.

As a homeschooler, I have the freedom to adjust my school hours in a such a way to allow time for daily activities. I love when my fellow homeschoolers crash our house for some intense board games and outdoor competitions when the sun is mid sky. My circle of friends, both young and old, have challenged and encouraged me; they are my brothers and sisters in the family of God. 

One of my High school credits was a photography and year book class. Before taking this course I was fascinated by the art of photography, but I had not really taken anything seriously. However, I grew to like the trade more and more. I began taking my gear wherever I thought I could capture a stunning view or memorable moment. I also took my family's fall pictures with the help of a tripod. 

The desire to further my photography journey sparked when I close friend asked me to do a couples shoot for her and her boyfriend. The results turned out better than I expected. This shoot was the first of many albums which surpassed my expectations.

I also enjoy traveling and studying languages. Often, I find myself guessing the origin of accents and adjusting the voice in my head to match a given accent while reading. Although, I did not truly imagine living in or even experiencing other cultures until God opened the door to an amazing opportunity.

Fall of 2017, I renewed my passport in preparation for a short term mission trip. In 2018, I made the journey across The Atlantic to Mizoram, a beautiful Indian state, just west of Bangladesh. While there, my team and I spent about five days serving at a children's home. We did Bible studies, worship songs, card games, volleyball, fútbol (aka soccer), made friendship bracelets, and created forever memories. The following years, 2019 and 2020, we made the same trip. Each time I made new friends, including children, translators, and even drivers.


One year, our flight times were scheduled incorrectly and we had to drive to another airport to catch a different flight, in order to to make our international flight. After eight hours of driving around a mountain,experiencing different cultures, and hearing new languages, our 100 mile trip came to an end. Yes it took eight hours to travel 100 miles! Our journey was slow due to poor roads, traffic, and sharp curves. However, I saw this experience as an adventure and I could not wait to see what God was preparing me for.

Sadly, the boarders to India have remained closed to foreigners since March 2020. Thus, I have been unable to return to Mizoram. Although I do not understand why God will not allow us to return, I trust His plans are always better and always perfect. I am taking this opportunity to see where God is calling me next.

With college just around the corner, many life changing decisions lay ahead of me. As of now, I am planning to study TESOL. As an English teacher to foreign speakers, I will have the ability to travel abroad and teach many children and adults how to speak the most commonly spoken language as well as spread the Gospel of Christ. Whether Africa, India, South America, or somewhere else, I am ready to go where the Lord sends me.

As my journey as a Christ Follower and photographer continues, I hope to capture more of God's amazing art, using my gifts and talents for His glory.


I am always ready to answer questions regarding my passion and business, as well as work with you to schedule a shoot!

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