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february 2023

 Fourth: Murfreesboro TN

Fifth: Murfreesboro TN

Tenth: Jackson TN

Eleventh: Jackson TN

Twelfth: Jackson TN

Eighteenth: Jackson TN

Twenty-fifth: Jackson TN

march 2023

Sixth: Florence AZ

Ninth: Murfreesboro TN

Tenth: Murfreesboro TN

Eighteenth: Jackson TN

Twenty-fourth: Jackson TN

Twenty-fifth: Jackson TN

April 2023

Seventh: Jackson TN

Eighth: Jackson TN

Fifteenth: Jackson TN

May 2023

Sixth: Murfreesboro TN

Seventh: Murfreesboro TN

Ninth: Murfreesboro TN

Tenth: Murfreesboro TN

Twenty-fifth: Murfreesboro TN

Twenty-sixth: Murfreesboro TN

Twenty-eighth: Murfreesboro TN​​​​​​​

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